Samsung Galaxy S23 Battery Tips: How to Improve Your Battery Life

We all want our phone battery to last all day. But, We can never do that. It remains our dream Constant email, texting, website browsing, video streaming, and game playing drain batteries fast. Fortunately Samsung’s newest flagship phone, the Galaxy S23 series packs bigger batteries than ever before. Yet for some users battery life remains a struggle. If you are not sure about Galaxy S23 Battery backup then follow our Samsung Galaxy S23 Battery Tips. Hopefully, the problem will be resolved.

Adjust High Battery Draining Settings

Various software settings such as location services, Bluetooth, screen brightness, background app refresh, push notifications, can and do tax phone batteries. Review battery use data under “Settings”>”Device Care”>”Battery” to see precisely which apps and device functions are using the most juice. Then make adjustments. I found:

Location Services

Disable location services for apps that don’t need to know where you are. Review location permissions under app Settings and disable them where possible.

Push Notifications

Install and configure apps to check for new messages and updates less frequently instead of constantly. This can save power especially if you have many apps installed.

Background App Refresh

By default, many apps continue updating content and syncing data even when you aren’t actively using them. Restrict background refresh under Settings for apps least important to you. This prevents them from constantly accessing the network and consuming battery reserves in the background.

Screen Brightness

Simply dialing screen brightness down even 20 or 30 percent when possible extends battery runtime significantly. Samsung provides several display power-saving options under Settings including “Extra Dim” and Dark Mode. Use these to save juice without overly compromising visibility. Also make sure the Adaptive Brightness feature is enabled so screen brightness adjusts automatically based on ambient lighting conditions.


Turn these wireless connections off if you don’t need them as they’ll continue scanning and transmitting in the background otherwise. Airplane mode shuts them down completely but also disables cellular data.

Use Battery Saving Modes

All Galaxy S23 models pack large batteries, but active use still drains them faster than we’d like sometimes. Fortunately, Samsung provides multiple software battery-saving modes.

Medium Power Saving mode reduces brightness and limits CPU speed and background network usage without overly compromising performance. This adds hours of runtime yet allows normal use of messaging, email, web browsing and even gaming.

Maximum Power Saving mode goes further by switching to dark mode, limiting apps and even turning off mobile data when the screen is off. This can stretch battery life by days but restricts you primarily to phone calls, texting and offline apps. Extreme but helpful in a pinch.

I set my S23 Ultra to enter Medium Power Saving mode automatically whenever battery level drops to 30% and so far this has prevented my phone from running out of juice before bedtime when I’ve had a particularly busy day.

Battery-saving modes make the excellent battery life Samsung phones are known for that much better. Configure one of these modes to kick in automatically when power runs low so you won’t find yourself stranded with a dead device.

More Extreme Measures

The above tips will likely solve typical battery drain issues. But if you still find your Galaxy S23 running dry too quickly there are some additional steps to try:

Samsung Galaxy S23 Battery

Reset App Preferences

Problems with specific apps causing excessive battery drain may potentially be fixed by resetting said apps. Clearing app cache and data forces the app to re-optimize its settings the next time it runs hopefully fixing glitches. Just be aware resetting certain apps like social media and games will log you out and you’ll have to reconfigure some settings.

Restart & Reset Network Settings

Sometimes excessive battery drain results from cell network connectivity issues. Power your phone off completely then back on and see if this helps. Failing that, navigate to Settings > General Management and select “Reset Network Settings”. This fixes glitchy connectivity problems for some users. Just be aware it will delete all Wi-Fi networks and Bluetooth pairings so you’ll have to re-enter those.

As a last resort you can back up your device and then perform a full Factory Data Reset to restore the phone to its original out-of-box condition. This wipe should alleviate any residual third-party software gremlins possibly causing rapid battery depletion. But it’s an extreme step as you’ll have to fully reinstall all your apps, reconfigure settings and restore your data from backup after the reset completes. Proceed with caution and only if the above steps don’t deliver enough battery boost.

Additional Hardware Hacks

If none of the above Galaxy battery tips provide satisfactory runtime there are a few additional hardware tricks that may help eke out some extra hours on a charge:

Turn Down Screen Refresh Rate

Samsung lets you slow the screen refresh rate from the default 120Hz down to 60Hz or even 30Hz if necessary though at a sharp cost to visual smoothness. Navigate to Settings > Display > Motion Smoothness to adjust this. Lower refresh makes scrolling and animations noticeably more jerky though so only use this option judiciously.

Low Power Mode Chip

Unique to the S23 Ultra is an integrated low-power Cortex-X2 CPU core designed specifically for improved battery efficiency. But it only activates automatically when the battery level drops dangerously low. You can potentially trigger it sooner via Developer Options by enabling the “Suspend Execution for Cached Apps” feature. This may allow the X2 chip to take over certain processing duties before the battery gets critically low, preserving juice. But research this tweak thoroughly before attempting as there are usability trade-offs.

Ultra Low Power Mode

Samsung is reportedly developing an “Ultra Low Power Mode” for future software updates that promises massive multiple-day battery life albeit with tight restrictions allowing little more than emergency calling and texting. If such a feature comes to fruition it could be a lifesaver for times when you desperately need to stretch every last drop of power. There’s no release timeframe for this yet however so for now the above tips are your best bet for enhancing S23 battery endurance.

The Samsung Galaxy S23 series ships with generous 4,700 to 5,000 mAh batteries that should power most users through a full day of use with room to spare in normal circumstances. But if your particular usage demands are extra demanding then with some software tweaking, smart battery mode configuration, and maybe an occasional hardware hack or two you can likely keep your S23 ticking reliably from dawn ’til dusk.

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