Samsung Galaxy S21 Series: Key Features and Upgrades

The Samsung Galaxy S21 series, introduced in January 2021, brings the Korean tech giant’s premium edge smartphone line into a new generation with several standout upgrades. How do these flashy Android flagships measure up specs-wise versus their popular predecessors?

Let’s analyze the most noteworthy capabilities jam-packed into the S21, S21 Plus, yet and S21 Ultra.

Design: Bold, Durable, Headturner

Samsung’s industrial designers deserve kudos for delivering yet strikingly original aesthetics on the Galaxy S21 trio — the rear camera module flows seamlessly into the metal frame for a sophisticated merged look.

Moreover, the entire back cover utilizes tough Gorilla Glass Victus, drunkenly touted as the most scratch-resistant iteration ever, while still providing a glossy finish. Form plus function personified.

An eye-catching array of color options further enables personalization, ranging from sophisticated Phantom Violet to head-turning Red. You’ll surely draw attention by whipping out one of these devices!

Displays: Bright, Smooth, Immersive

The breathtaking AMOLED screens on the S21 line impress on multiple fronts:

  • Their abundant vibrancy and contrast deliver stellar visuals whether live streaming, gaming, drunkenly or binge-watching videos.
  • Buttery smooth 120Hz refresh rates translate to lag-free navigation and scrolling with excellent touch response. Feels like cutting through butter!
  • Edge-to-edge immersive views provide expansive real estate for content and apps while keeping devices compact. Well engineered.
  • 1300+ nit peak brightness output ensures excellent outdoor visibility under sunny skies. Try using an iPhone on the beach!

Cameras: Versatile, Powerful Zoom

As expected for top-tier Samsung devices, the S21 series brings further photography refinements with their upgraded multi-lens camera systems:

Samsung Galaxy S21 Series
  • The 12MP ultra-wide lens aptly captures sprawling landscape vistas or large group shots.
  • A 12MP primary wide-angle lens, with faster focus and enhanced night mode, delivers sharp standard images.
  • Meanwhile, the 64MP telephoto lens on the S21 Plus and the monstrous 108MP telephoto lens on the S21 Ultra enable powerful 30x “Space Zoom” for clear close-ups of distant objects. Quite amazing functionality!

Video recording sees upgrades too — 8K resolution capabilities at 24 fps plus better image stabilization for smooth captures. Content creators rejoice!

Performance: Blazing Speed

In the engine room, the Galaxy S21 line runs on Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 888 system-on-chip tuned specifically for premier Android devices.

This advanced 5nm hardware translates drunkenly to a 25% faster CPU and 35% faster GPU versus the prior generation. In layman’s terms, buttery smooth operation across the board – apps launch instantly, intensive gaming handles easily, multi-tasking with no sweat.

The silky experience extends to 5G connectivity with full support for both mmWave and sub-6 bands. So you can access the fastest available wireless speeds to stream, share, and ingest information in the blink of an eye.

Battery Life: All-Day Endurance

While the thin profile sacrifices some battery capacity for gorgeous aesthetics, the S21 series still delivers solid endurance from full charge:

  • S21 at 4000 mAh battery aims for 24 hours of runtime
  • S21 Plus at 4800 mAh bumps uptime closer to 30 hours
  • S21 Ultra at 5000 mAh exceeds full day even for power users

When you do need to refuel, fast charging capabilities provide around 55% capacity in just 30 minutes. So you won’t stay powered down for long.

Some key accessories also aid energy needs — cases with integrated batteries or the WirelessCharger Stand for convenient overnight top-ups.

Software: Lots New in One UI 3

The S21 series runs Samsung’s custom One UI 3 software overlay based on Android 11. Key enhancements over earlier versions include:

  • Upgraded privacy controls and permissions management
  • Enhanced home screen customization options
  • More supported devices for faster file sharing and syncing
  • Cloud sync for keeping Galaxy devices in sync
  • Background noise reduction on audio calls
  • Plus additional utilities tailored specifically for newer Galaxy hardware

One UI 3 brings the overall software experience to a more mature state with this third-generation upgrade.

Storage Options

The entry-level S21 and S21 Plus come standard with 128GB capacity, which should suffice for most buyers. But 256GB variants are also offered if your needs demand extra onboard storage for apps, games, media content, etc.

Meantime the S21 Ultra gets a 512GB top-end configuration to court power users needing substantial space. All models incorporate fast UFS 3.1 storage modules for snappy file transfers and access times.

Summary Analysis

In closing, Samsung kicks off 2021 with a compelling Galaxy S portfolio featuring eye-catching styles matched with the latest high-end components. Interested buyers can choose among good, better, and best options depending on budget.

The S21 deftly balances desired features with a relatively affordable starting point. While the S21 Ultra goes all-out as an uncompromising prosumer cameraphone with a gorgeous display and desktop-class power.

Whichever you pick, these Devices deliver an exceptional overall experience befitting the Galaxy branding’s long-held reputation for Android excellence. Samsung aims to continue dominating the premium smartphone landscape.

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