The differences at a glance: iPhone 15 (Pro) vs iPhone 14 (Pro) vs iPhone 13 (Pro)

Apple presented the brand new iPhone 15 series: an extraordinary set of products, boasting of the state-of-the-art gadgets of mobile technology. We have discovered the precise differences.

How well does the iPhone 15 (Pro) perform in comparison with the iPhone 14 and the iPhone 13? Do we really need to switch to the latest version? Or would an iPhone 14 or an iPhone 13 that is less costly be good enough for you? In this article, you will find everything about the iPhone 15: The iPhone 14 Pro and the iPhone 13 successor. We compare them on the specifications and the differences for you to have prior knowledge of the iPhone you need.

Of course, you can also book an appointment directly at your local Tele Combination store. We will then compare all the models in simple terms, explaining all the differences, so that you can choose the best iPhone based on your wishes and be well-informed. As usual, with a very tailor-made offer. Our team is willing to guide you in choosing the best option to enable you to have the perfect iPhone that really suits you.

Design comparison: the differences between iPhone 15 vs iPhone 14 vs iPhone 13

The design philosophy of Apple is very evident in the iPhone 15. The iPhone 15 has a slightly rounded edge and flat-screen glass that bring in a modern touch to the familiar look when compared with the iPhone 14 and the iPhone 13, which are very similar in design. This implies that the design of the iPhone 15 and 15 Pro is different from their predecessors.

The matte glass back of the both iPhone 15 and also iPhone 15 Plus has eliminated the fingerprints. This advancement, until recently exclusive to the Pro models of the iPhone 14 and iPhone 13, is amplified by the thinnest screen bezels ever seen on an iPhone Pro version in which the screen covers almost the entire surface area.

For the iPhone 15, the lenses and camera setup is very similar to that of the iPhone 13 and are therefore comparable. The best option for a camera in case you really want to step forward with your new iPhone is the iPhone 15 Pro or Pro Max.

The iconic notch has been replaced by the Dynamic Island in the iPhone 15, as it was with the iPhone 14 Pro last year.  Finally: The camera island on the back of the iPhone 15 is colored to match with its casing.

Color comparison: iPhone 15 vs iPhone 14 vs iPhone 13

The iPhone was previously well-known for its white shell. In recent years, every iPhone series is presented in a variety of gorgeous colors, and so, there is always a color according to your own choice. The iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus come in black, white, yellow, blue, and also pink. The iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max come in natural titanium, blue titanium, white titanium and also black titanium. The color scheme is slightly different from the iPhone 14 and the iPhone 13 models. 

The iPhone 15 lacks the dark green versions, both of which were a resounding success for the iPhone 13 Pro. This has been changed to the new colors of the Pro variant. Whatever iPhone you decide to buy, there are plenty of options for each series and you can always opt for the chic black. Due to the slightly slimmer screen edges of the iPhone 15 Pro, the dimensions of the Pro versions differ slightly from the predecessors, the iPhone 13 Pro and the iPhone 14 Pro.

Screen differences: iPhone 15 vs iPhone 14 vs iPhone 13

The screens of the iPhone 15, iPhone 14 and also iPhone 13 are all identical in terms of size as they each measure 6.1 inches. The iPhone 13 also had a Mini version that was the only variant discontinued in the iPhone 14 series. This has been overtaken by the bigger iPhone 14 Plus, which owns the same big screen as the Pro Max models of the iPhone 15. The iPhone 15 series is available in the same models as the iPhone 14 and the 14 Pro. The iPhone 15 with 6.1 inches, the iPhone 15 Plus with 6.7 inches and the iPhone 15 Pro are all identical in dimensions to the iPhone 15 with a screen size of 6.

iPhone 15 Pro with USB-C port instead of the lightning port

The main change in the iPhone 15 (Pro) model compared to its predecessors is the transition to a USB-C port, replacing the well-known Lightning port. Although the visual changes are relatively small, with a slightly larger but still identifiable pill-shaped mouth, the USB-C port provides substantive functional advantages like faster charging and also better data transfer. Moreover, Apple conforms to the European obligation of adopting a common connector for charging mobile devices. These mandates seek to allow the older product chargers to operate for a longer time. In case you have a 25W fast charger from Apple and it already has the USB-C connection point, then you can reuse it. There are also many cables for other chargers that can be used for the iPhone 15 series. It is reassuring that the cable and charger control how fast you can charge your iPhone 15. Be well informed about this.

Camera differences: iPhone 15 vs iPhone 14 vs iPhone 13

The annual Apple tradition of strengthening the iPhone camera persists and continues to visually capture one step further in quality. Like the iPhone 14 introduced a larger sensor and a wider aperture for improved low-light capture, this trend continues with the iPhone 15 series. This photographic improvement also extends to even the standard models in this range, the iPhone 15 and also iPhone 15 Plus, which both have a rear camera of 48 megapixels formerly available only on Pro models.

The rear of the iPhone 15 Pro is also equipped with 3 lenses, just as it was for the iPhone 13 Pro and the iPhone 14 Pro. All three lenses had a 12MP on the iPhone 13 Pro, one lens was replaced with a 48MP camera in the iPhone 14 Pro and we still see these three lenses on the iPhone 15 Pro also. What differentiates the iPhone 15 Pro from the iPhone 14 Pro is the enhanced wide lens and also the telephoto lens. The cameras are far better than those in the iPhone 13 Pro. Moreover, the lenses of the iPhone 15 Pro are placed a little lower in the device resulting in to reduction of camera bump from 4.18 mm to 3.6 mm making it slightly thinner on the top side.

The new sensor in the iPhone 15 captures more light, offering a better balance between light and dark to eliminate over- or underexposure. This is particularly helpful for face capturing, even in the high contrast light environment. Now the backlight situations, in which there is often a darkening of the foreground, can be depicted more accurately.

5G comparison: iPhone 15 vs iPhone 14 vs iPhone 13

5G was already available on the iPhone 14 and also the iPhone 13. This also includes the successors of the iPhone 15 series. The use of new 5G chips by the iPhone 15 (Pro) will make it more energy efficient than its predecessors.

Processor comparison: iPhone 15 Pro vs iPhone 14 vs iPhone 13

The processor plays a major role in determining the level of energy efficiency that can be achieved when using the battery of a phone. Each year, Apple releases a new series of iPhones with a better processor. That was offered in both the standard model and also the Pro model. This pattern was interrupted with the iPhone 14 and the 14 Pro. The iPhone 14 Pro came with the A16-bionic chip, while the iPhone 14 had to settle for an upgrade of the A15 chip that we are familiar with from on the iPhone 13 and also 13 Pro. 

The iPhone 15 Pro gets the new A17 Bionic chip and the iPhone 15 gets the A16 Bionic chip, which is also that in the iPhone 14 Pro. This indicates that there is also a difference between the processor of the iPhone 15 and the 15 Pro this year. The A17 Bionic chip is once again much more energy efficient and also faster than its predecessor, the A16 Bionic chip. This means that the iPhone 15 Pro is an upgrade from both the iPhone 14 Pro and the iPhone 13 Pro. This time, the iPhone 15 is also a great upgrade from its siblings, the iPhone 13 and also iPhone 14.

Buy the iPhone 15 Pro if…

  • you always want the most professional iPhone
  • you want the capabilities of “Dynamic Island” instead of the notch
  • you want the fastest iPhone, with an A17 Bionic [AV1]  processor, so you can use your smartphone for even longer
  • you want the best cameras

Buy the iPhone 14 if…

  • you find quality important, but you don’t necessarily need the latest
  • Do you want a better camera than the iPhone 11, 12, or 13 series?
  • you want a faster and more energy-efficient processor than the iPhone 13
  • Do you like a large screen, with a choice of 6.1 or 6.7 inches

Buy the iPhone 13 if…

  • You find quality important, but you don’t necessarily need the latest
  • You don’t need the fastest iPhone 14 Pro
  • You want to spend a maximum of €30 per month on your phone

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