iPhone 14 Battery Draining Too Fast? | Battery Life Hacks

Sup phone geeks! Today we’re dishing on how to maximize your iPhone 14 battery life. This new-gen iPhone has epic battery life already, but you can level up even more with these pro tips.

Customize Battery-Draining Settings

The 14’s screen and 5G connect gobble mad juice. Dim your display under Settings > Display & Brightness. Dark Mode helps too. Also toggle Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Options > Voice & Data to “4G.” Your video chats and TikTok scrolls will still blaze fast on 4G LTE.

Deactivate Settings > Bluetooth and Settings > Wi-Fi when not needed. And curb Settings > Battery > Background App Refresh for apps you rarely use.

Limit Battery-Killing Apps

Apps running in the background slay your battery, even when your iPhone’s screen is off. Force quit battery killers when you’re done: double click Home, and swipe up to close apps. Specifically, limit social media, music, and video apps. Disable auto-play and notifications. Also, restrict widgets like Maps and Calendar that refresh constantly.

Brightness: Your Battery’s Nemesis

Keep your display dim. Settings > Display & Brightness > Auto-Brightness uses your camera to optimize brightness for the environment. Or manually slide the brightness down. Less light emitted saves massive power.

Pro Display Settings

For manual brightness tweaks, try Settings > Accessibility > Display & Text Size. Options like Reduce White Point decrease brightness. Also, toggle Dark Mode under Settings > Display & Brightness. The 14’s OLED display saves juice showing blacks.

Optimize Your Battery Charging

To protect your iPhone’s battery health, enable Settings > Battery > Battery Health > Optimized Battery Charging. It learns your charging routine and waits to fully charge until right before you need peak power. Reduces wear by limiting time spent fully charged.

Low Power Mode FTW

Low Power Mode limits background activity, visual effects, 5G, and more. Enable it manually in Settings > Battery or use Siri. Or customize it to turn on automatically at a set battery percentage.

Avoid Charger Vampires

Unplug wall chargers when not juicing your iPhone. They still draw tiny amounts of power when idle. Also don’t charge unattended. Once full, your iPhone only trickle charges, which degrades the battery.

Disable Unnecessary Sensors

Under Settings > Privacy, turn off Location Services for apps that don’t need it. Also toggle off unnecessary sensors like Settings > Privacy > Motion & Fitness > Fitness Tracking.

Grab a Battery Case

For extreme iPhone 14 battery life, snag a battery case. It’s a slim backup battery that snaps onto your phone. Get extra hours of gameplay, GPS navigation, video streaming, or anything else power-hungry. Brands like Apple, Otterbox, and UAG make solid battery cases.

Don’t Wait for 0%

Letting your iPhone 14 battery completely drain stresses it. When the low battery alert pops up, charge it ASAP. Keep the juice above 20% for optimal battery health over time.

Avoid Temperature Extremes

iPhone 14 Battery

Keep your iPhone 14 away from extreme cold and heat. Temperature extremes damage batteries faster. Don’t leave it baking hot in the car on summer days. And bring it inside on cold winter nights rather than leaving it in the freezing garage until morning.

Update to the Latest iOS

Apple’s iOS updates often include battery life optimizations. So stay current! Install iOS updates promptly when they become available. Head to Settings > General > Software Update.

Replace an Old Battery

Lithium-ion batteries gradually lose capacity over time. If your iPhone 14 battery life declines significantly, the battery may need replacement. Apple offers affordable official battery swaps to restore your iPhone to like-new battery life.

Use Portable Chargers

For charging on the go, portable chargers are clutch. They’re lightweight backup batteries that recharge your iPhone anywhere. The top brands are Anker, Belkin, and Mophie.


Dialing in these iPhone battery best practices will keep you powered up. Customize power-hungry features, watch battery-killing apps, keep brightness down, optimize charging habits, and more. Do you have any other battery life tips? Hit me in the comments!

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